Les conditions juridiques

In using this site, you are deemed to have read this document carefully and taken note of any warnings. It indicates the conditions of use for each part of the site. If you do not agree with these rules or the conditions we lay down, we would ask you not to use our site.

Enfandises® reserves the right to modify these rules as often as this may be necessary. The fact that you continue to use the site implies that you have accepted the conditions and terms in any modified form.

1. Intellectual property 2. Viewing 3. Participation in Enfandises® 4. Personal information 5. Extent of the obligations of Enfandises® 6. Users' behaviour in chat rooms and "My Home" personal spaces

1. Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, designs and documents featured on the site are the property of CEPHALONIA, owner of the trade name Enfandises®. Their disclosure may under no circumstances be interpreted as granting you a licence or the right to use any of said trademarks or distinctive elements protected by copyright. Their reproduction or representation will be therefore be considered as an infringement.

2. Viewing

Restriction on the use of documents:
This site is the property of Enfandises® and managed by Enfandises®.

It is hosted by:

36 Route de Saint Romain

It is possible to download a copy of the documents to a micro-computer for your personal use, and solely for non-commercial purposes, provided that you do not modify the information and that you preserve intact any copyright or other indications of ownership.

No documents from the Enfandises® site may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any other way. Except in cases expressly authorised by Enfandises®, visitors shall undertake not to reproduce the database or any documents on the site for any reason including commercial purposes. If authorisation is granted by Enfandises®, visitors must indicate the origin of the documents and database reproduced in this way. You must be sure to indicate a link and the ® sign in Enfandises® when you mention the name of the site, and notify Enfandises® using the site contact form available on:www.enfandises.com/en/poste/contact.html.

The modification of these documents or their use for another purpose constitutes an infringement of the copyright of Enfandises® and its other rights of ownership.

In respect of the performance of this contract, it is forbidden to use these documents on another site or in another networked computer environment without the consent of Enfandises®.

3. Participation in Enfandises®

The contract herein is between the parents of the child, or the person with authority over the child, and Enfandises®. The parents of the child or the person with authority over the child shall declare with full knowledge of the facts that they are responsible for their child's works and documents that they supply themselves or that their child provides directly on the site.

All the following commitments shall be made by the parents of the child or the person with authority over the child, both personally and in their capacity as representatives of the child and on its behalf.

You shall undertake to transmit a valid e-mail address.

Intellectual ownership:
As from now and as the need arises, visitors shall renounce all ownership rights over the information (sayings) they have communicated, and transfer to Enfandises® at no charge, with no territorial limitation, for the entire duration of the intellectual property, any copyright they could claim arising from the collection, drafting and transmission of this information or these data (sayings).

Consequently, Enfandises® may freely, on any support, reproduce, have reproduced, represent, have represented, adapt or have adapted the data transmitted, subject to respect of the rules of confidentiality and anonymity defined in the contract herein, apart from the child's first name and age.

The Enfandises.com team will select the sayings of children transmitted to them according to moral and orthographical criteria, and according to their assessment of the children's words: poetry, funniness, depth, emotion, aesthetic quality, etc., and the balance desired between the various sections. Sayings that are too long, too badly spelt, in a mobile phone "text" style or in upper case will not be considered.

Visitors shall accept that in order to facilitate the reading and comprehension of a child's quotes, the editorial committee reserves the right to modify the text, while respecting the child's expression as far as possible. Visitors shall authorise in advance any such modifications of the text received by the editorial committee according to its judgement, which may not be contested.

Visitors shall accept that the editorial committee reserves the right to no longer feature a child's quote, in order to renew the site's editorial content and preserve a balance between the sections.

Registration on the site is required in order to access the following functions:
To create a personal space (My Home) where visitors can collect the sayings they like, submit sayings, send family photos or videos, or make friends; to comment on published articles.; to vote for quotes.

In accordance with article 6 of the Act of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, any natural person or legal entity that publishes comments and/or videos and more generally any type of content, is responsible for all the information, data, texts, software programmes, music, sounds, photographs, images or videos contained in their comments.

All users shall undertake to respect the French legislation in force. They shall refrain from publishing any content contrary to accepted standards of good behaviour, public order or the interests of third parties, or which is defamatory or disrespectful.

Users shall acknowledge that the Cephalonia company only makes a space available to them for putting content on-line, and may not be held responsible for said content in its mere capacity as host.

In this respect, the Cephalonia company declines all responsibility as to content, including their truthfulness, accuracy, legality or reliability.

As Enfandises® is a place for dialogue and the discussion of ideas where friendliness and respect for other people are crucial, each user must respect the other contributors and the wide range of opinions essential to community life.

Responsibility of Enfandises®:
The editorial committee set up will monitor the information distributed on the site, and check compliance with the regulations in terms of accessing personal information. The editorial committee shall ensure compliance with and monitor the rights of visitors to correct personal information that they have transmitted. The editorial committee will check that visitors to the site respect children as individuals, together with their physical and moral integrity.

Photos, videos and illustrations sent to feature in the Gallery will not be exploited by Enfandises® for any other use, without requesting by e-mail the authorisation of the people who sent them.

Limitation of responsibility:
You alone are responsible for the use of the information you communicate to us.

You shall undertake not to transmit any information to the site that might entail civil or criminal liability, not to transmit information via this site that is illegal, contrary to public order, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, etc. Being entirely aware of the characteristics of the Enfandises® site, you shall refrain from incurring its responsibility as regards the use of information on the site or the site itself.

Enfandises® may in no way be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the site or the impossibility of using it.

Enfandises® does not guarantee that the functions contained in these documents will be provided without interruption or error, nor that faults will be corrected nor that the site or the server that makes them available are free from viruses or other dangerous components.

Visitors' acceptance:
Visitors shall expressly accept that advertisements and banners appear on the result server, including on the pages featuring information they have supplied.

If you are under 18:
You may participate in the site by sending us an electronic mail from your parents or legal guardian, whom we will contact to validate your registration. No information may be submitted to or displayed by Enfandises® without the consent of your parents or legal guardian. If your registration is confirmed, you may submit or vote for sayings, create a personal space (My Home), make friends, use the Enfandises® Chat Rooms and make on-line purchases from the Enfandises® shop.

4. Personal information

When we display information concerning you on our site (for example, if you take part in a competition), we never put information on-line that would make it possible to identify you personally. Personal information is used by Enfandises® exclusively and will never be transmitted to a third party without your permission.

Enfandises® may be led to disclose personal information concerning you without your agreement solely if the law requires it, for example in the event of a breach of the peace, infringement of copyright, invasion of privacy, infringement of any rights of third parties and more generally any infringement of the law.

The personal information communicated when you open your account on the Site and the IP addresses are collected and processed according to the provisions of the amended French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978. You can contact us at: Enfandises 15 rue Agar 75016 Paris or via the site contact page.

Your personal information may be used:

  • to enable you to access and use the Services,
  • to enable access to and distribution of the Content,
  • to inform competition winners and transmit to them the prizes they have won, or possibly a product illustrated by a saying they have submitted to the site.
  • to personalise advertisements that may be displayed on the Site pages,
  • to send you general and/or commercial information,
  • to send you commercial offers from the Company's partners, provided that you have previously agreed to this,
  • to comply with the legislation in force.

The Internet contains a system of identification through cookies for the purposes of identification. Cookies are files stored in a directory on your computer. A cookie does not make it possible to identify you personally. Generally speaking, the cookie registers information relative to the browsing of your computer on our site (the pages you have viewed, the date and time you viewed them, etc.), which Enfandises® may subsequently read during your later visits. In the case in point, the cookie contains information that you supply, and thus during subsequent visits you have no need to complete the form proposed by Enfandises® again. These cookies have a life in accordance with the regulations in force. You can deactivate cookies by configuring your Web browser.

We recommend that you publish no personal information (telephone number, postal or e-mail address, etc.) in your contributions to My Home spaces and chat rooms.

5. Etendue des obligations de Enfandises

This site is the property of Enfandises® and is managed by Céphalonia, owner of the trade name Enfandises®. All information accessible on the site is provided as is. The sole purpose of the site documents is to provide information and present activities.

This site complies with French legislation and Enfandises® in no way guarantees it to be compliant with the local legislation applicable to you if you access the site from countries other than France.

Nor does Enfandises® guarantee, in this case, that the documents on the site are compliant with all local legislation if you choose to access the site from countries other than France.

In accordance with article 34 of the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, visitors have the right to access all personal information concerning them. In addition, you can at any time ask for your contributions to this space to be deleted by contacting us at the following address: Enfandises®, 15 rue Agar, 75016 Paris. Enfandises® is responsible for the accuracy of personal data and their update.

The contract herein takes place between the site visitor and Enfandises® and will remain in force until its termination by either contracting party. If you wish to terminate this contract, you shall undertake to destroy all documents obtained through the site, together with all copies or extracts made and all your contributions.

If you fail to respect any of the clauses of this contract, Enfandises® will be within its rights to terminate it unilaterally. In this case, you must destroy all documents obtained through the site, and all copies or extracts made.

Discharge of responsibility:
Some information on this site may be erroneous and Enfandises® guarantees neither the content of this information nor the use of this information or these documents. Enfandises® guarantees neither that the functions contained in these documents will be provided without interruption or error, nor that faults will be corrected, nor that this site or the server that makes them available are free from viruses and/or other dangerous components.

The documents of this site are provided as is with no express or tacit guarantee. Insofar as is authorised by the applicable legislation, Enfandises® discharges itself of all responsibility as to any express or tacit guarantee including but not limited to tacit guarantees concerning trading capabilities or suitability for a particular purpose.

When you browse on our site, you may be directed to other sites (partnerships, advertising, recommended sites, etc.) Despite the care we take with our partnerships, we cannot be held responsible for the content of sites linked to Enfandises® through a hypertext link.

6. Users' behaviour in chat rooms and "My Home" personal spaces

You shall undertake not to transmit to the site any information that could entail civil or criminal liability, and you shall also undertake not to transmit via this site:

  • illegal information including any that is contrary to public order, defamatory discriminatory, racist, obscene, offensive, etc
  • remarks consisting of systematic or non-objective criticism, and remarks of a denigrating, malicious, vulgar or aggressive nature.
  • remarks or messages that are violent or incite racism, sexism, xenophobia, pornography, paedophilia, revisionism, negationism, discrimination, hatred of a person or a group of people, or threats to a person or a group of people.
  • remarks or messages inciting the committing of crimes and offences
  • the usurpation of a name or corporate name,
  • advertising messages, misleading advertisements and advertisements that are not compliant with legislation.
  • the total or partial quotation of content protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright (photos, videos, texts, books, songs, etc.) and for which you possess no rights, together with messages constituting the counterfeiting of a registered trademark. According to article L. 111-1 of the French Intellectual Property Code, a work (book, song, etc.) may not be reproduced on the Internet without the permission of its author or beneficiaries (editor, producer, etc.). Short quotations are permitted, provided that the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated.
  • recurrent citations of brands, Web sites or commercial services.
  • the disclosure of information enabling the precise and nominative identification of members of the community of Enfandises® users, such as their surname, postal address, electronic address or telephone number;

    All contributions published on Enfandises® may be moderated. The moderator reserves the right to modify, not put on line, interrupt without notice or withdraw without notice the putting online of your contributions if they do not comply with the legal Conditions herein, which he/she will assess as the case may be at his/her discretion.
    The moderator may be led to contact you directly by electronic mail. Your participation in the services of Enfandises® implies that you accept these messages.
    All contributors may also request for all or part of their contributions to be withdrawn by filling in the online form available here and sending it to the moderator.

    Enfandises® reserves the right to exclude any Internet surfer from the site who infringes these rules, essential to the use of the site.

    Moderation takes place after the event: the publication of messages is instantaneous and any moderation is carried out after publication. This means that your contributions will be displayed immediately in the list of contributions, but that your messages, images, sounds, videos and comments will then be assessed by the moderator.